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Gynecologist In Indore

Compassionate Care for Mothers and Babies

Pregnancy is full of excitement and happiness for most women and their partners, but sometimes difficulties appear.

Experienced Obstetrician in Indore: Doctor Krishna Meena, the holistic health practitioner, specializes in a broad range of specialties.

Aim to include ob/gyn services. Make childbirth care a major area in your health care services in a maternity hospital.

Within the framework of Dr. Meena's practice is the bedrock of offering exceptional care punctuated with compassion and personalized services to pregnant mothers at every point of their pregnancy adventure. From the primary appointment to the exciting day when you introduce your newborn to the world, all steps are taken into effect so that everything shall be neat and feels great. Prenatal Care

Well-check care exclusively concentrates on making sure that both the mother's and the newborn baby's well-being is optimal since the start of pregnancy. Dr. Meena provides broad prenatal services with frequent antenatal checkups, ultrasound examination and screening tests. She is an expert in various long-term effect on the developing child . Such that, any concerns are immediately taken care of, hence providing security to waiting mothers.

That can be treated by a gynecologist are:

Expected Results

When do Women Usually To Use Gynecology Service?

Labor and Delivery

Dr. Meena is not only an experienced but also an expreienced and an apiaoct expert, therefore, she is a reliable companion through the labor and delivery task. She underscores the importance of the efficient labor process, which involves the rendering of advice and assistance from the very beginning to the end of the process. In fact, regardless of the birthing option you choose, from a natural birth to a medically necessitated intervention, Dr. Meena will provide the calm and comfort needed for a memorable birthing experience.

Gynecological Services

Of course, her expertise goes beyond the obstetrics as she also extends the comprehensive range of gynecological services ensuring that women remain healthy and protected in regard to reproductive health.

Well-Woman Exams

Women wellness checkups have significance as a part of an efficient scheme of monitoring of the occurrences in reproductive sphere. Dr. Meena does not only provide screening like breast mammography, pap smears, and discussing the necessary preventive care for women, but through this she assists women in determining their beneficence and taking charge of their own health.

Menstrual Disorders

No matter it is irregular periods or painful menstruation monthly flow will have a impact on women's life. If patient consult Dr.Meena, they will find a wisdom because she understands the many issues with the menstrual abnormalities. Consequently, she proposes detonated individualized treatment programs to tackle root causes and relieve of symptoms and retrains women to inhabit their confident and independent life.

Infertility Evaluation and Treatment

The fertility evaluation is offered for those couples who have difficulties to get pregnant by Dr. Meena and as he is a specialist in the field, he knows the innovative treatment options for them. Compassionate character and in-depth knowledge in facilitating assisted reproductive technologies have evidently helped various couples to witness the seeds of their ambition of expanding their families come grow into fruition.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Dr. Meena specialises in applying the newest and most minimally invasive surgical procedures, and because of this she suggests her patients with less invasive options to open surgeries. These techniques usually cause more immediate recovery, better results with no scaring, and sometimes less scaring .

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgeries are the class known as minimally invasive ones, which are done by some small cuts and the equipment together with a camera for the processes. By having excellent proficiency in the tools such as Laparoscopy for conditions of Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and hysterectomies, Dr. Meena can deliver.

Hysteroscopic Surgery

Hysteroscopic surgery comes un a minimally invasive procedure, which appeals to Dr. Meena higher gynecological conditions situations within the uterine cavity. This technique has a good reputation for detecting uterine fibroids, polyps, and abnormal uterine bleeding that are the common issues with women.

Personalized Care and Compassion

At the core of Dr. Meena's health care model, there's an evident willingness to achieve a relaxed and friendly environment for her crew. She acknowledges that everybody's experience is special, and she works with a person to find out their concerns and issues and discuss them individually. It is primarily Dr. Meena's strength in the emotional part of the reproductive health that makes her medical services not only outstanding but even compassionate and ongoing listening ear, and ultimate support.


MD Krishna Meena is a well-educated, knowledgeable, and experienced obstetrician and gynecologist NB. A doctor who is possessing of all the desirable qualities and expertise! Having successfully completed the medical degree and acquired the specialization training in obstetrics and gynecology from a high ranked university, she was ready to start her clinic services. Excelling in her area of work that spans more than a decade on, she guides women at each stage of their reproductive health processes.

In order to meet Dr. Meena, one can either dial contact number for the appointment. They will point out a good parking spot and guide you to the appointment that will be most convenient for you.

Although Dr. Meena and her doctors are competent in English, Hindi and many other vernacular languages, they can also make themselves understood in both the national and local dialects. Such practice leads to the answer of the question that how patients are to be communicated freely and get all kind of care in their favorite language.

When you come for your first evaluation in our clinic Dr. Meena will take her time to investigate your medical record, your fears and expectations for solution. She may undertake a detailed examination and go over the kinds of tests that may need to be conducted or discussing any treatment options. Her goal is summerized to establish a good doctor-patient bond and you will definately enjoy yourself and be left informed during the course.

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